Korean “fast Fashion” Gains Cachet In Asia

“Dongdaemun might be the only place on Earth where if a design is decided and ordered in the jaket jepang morning, raw materials can be purchased by noon at the latest and finished products start arriving at the shop on the same day,” said Lim Joon-weon, director of operations at Lotte Asset Development’s FitIn mall in Dongdaemun. Behind the swift production is an ecosystem that includes 35,000 retail and wholesale clothing shops, the country’s largest fabric market, and an estimated 5,000 sewing workshops of six to 10 workers each, operating in close proximity. Similar turnaround time in an organically-formed fashion hub is unheard of even in places like Guangzhou in southern China, where the scale of the wholesale market is too vast to enable such rapid production, Lim said. GREAT EXPANSION Privately owned E-Land Group Chairman Park Song-soo first opened a clothes shop in front of Seoul’s Ewha Womans University in 1984, but is now in the forefront of the overseas expansion of Korean fashion brands.

10 hot South Korean fashion brands and where to buy them

8seconds “Spain has Zara, Korea has 8seconds,” says “InStyle Korea” fashion editor Sujin Yang. Launched in February in 2012 by Samsung subsidiary Cheil Industries as a domestic competitor to foreign fashion brands such as UNIQLO, 8seconds’ heavy marketing paid off with 60 billion ($54 million) in sales in 2012. The brand’s goal for 2013 is 150 billion ($134 million) in sales. It hopes to bring its success abroad with international stores open by 2014. The name is supposed to signify the length of time that we perceive as the “now,” according to the brand’s somewhat convoluted mission statement. With colorful and creative displays, the stores are some of the most fun to visit in Korea.

Korean fashion brand Basic House opens in Cebu

Both styles derive from the Confucian ethic that stresses politeness, cooperation, deference and subordination of the individual to larger goals. Like the Japanese, the Koreans are coming to the United States largely because of fear that protectionist rules could keep out their exports. In February 1984 the Commerce Department ruled that Korean electronics companies were dumping – or selling for less than fair value – color television sets in the United States. Gold Star is now required to post cash deposits of 7.4 percent of the value of its shipments, although the final assessments may vary from that. But in coming to America, the Koreans are also facing tough price competition. Although 1983 and 1984 were boom years for color televisions, with about 16 million units sold last year, price competition has been severe.


17, 2014. This seasons collection is dominated by earth-colored fabrics that blend well with the organic feel of the brand. Delivering simple yet contemporary pieces that combine different styles and trends, fashion from Basic House will surely never go out of style. Take inspiration in achieving your style resolutions for 2014 with Basic Houses classic pieces that are tailored to fit everyones wardrobe needs.


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